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I'm Back!!!! Crispy's House O' Ska is looking for contributors.  If you have opinions and can express them fairly well, then please feel free to submit reviews, news, knowledge of local music scenes, tour dates, etc., etc., etc.  Contact with any submissions or questions.

Crispy's Ska Page

OK. It's been a hell of a long time since I've done ANYTHING to this site. My original intention was to build a damn good site that would become the best, most dependable ska reference on the web. Well..... IM BACK!!!!! It's been about 3 years since I last did anything with this site. I apologize for slacking off, but I've got a lot of work to do now. I plan on checking all the existing links on this site to verify that they still work, and that the bands/labels are still doing something.
I'm still looking for people to contribute. I need CD reviews, opinions about the ska scene, news about local scenes, shows, etc. Generally, I want opinionated people who can write to contribute. I can't pay you, but you will be credited.
Below you will find some descriptions of the various parts of this site

Here there will be links to various sites selling ska merchandise. These will be mainly stand alone online stores, instead of just merchandising pages on individual band sites.

This page has links to various ska historical information on the web.

This listing will not be limited to ska-only labels. However, a label will need to have at least a couple of ska bands to be listed.

This will be as comprehensive a listing as I can make it. I would like to list every possible ska band that is currently still out playing, or recently formed.

This listing will attempt to sort out bands by their hometowns and local scenes they are a part of. It will be awhile before I seriously attack this one.

This page isn't up yet, but will be eventually. This page will allow you to sort out who is ska/punk, ska-core, ska-jazz, 2-tone, traditional, mod, etc., etc., etc. Of course this will be partly subjective by my own opinions, and also from info gleaned from band bios. So, in other words, it won't be perfect.

This page will have links to official pages of bands that are no longer together. Especially some of the late greats, if they're sites are still up.

This page will have links for various radio shows on the web and on the air that are focused on ska

This page will eventually have original articles and CD reviews. Currently it has links to some articles on other sites.

This section will have listings of message boards from various ska sites. There will also be links to usenet newsgroups here.

This page will have links to sites devoted to various local and statewide (or provincewide) ska scenes in the US and Canada.

Links to local ska scenes outside the US and Canada

Links to various fan pages that seem to have some decent or original content. Also some of these are older sites that have some historical value to the ska scene.

This section has links to sites with Tabs, Lyrics, Horn Charts, etc for various ska tunes.

Production Companies, Promoters, Managers, etc.

Listings for various Ska Events around the world

Links to various online Show Calendars

General info sites related to ska

Sites that are no longer being updated, but have either some historical importance, or some cool design.

Foreign Language Sites
Some of the pages linked to on this site are in languages other than English.  For a decent translation site click here.
Just plug in the URL for a site and watch Babelfish work

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Submit any ska info here.

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